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Proven Results in Criminal Cases

Practicing Law Since 1997

Over the course of 20 years, I have fought legal and evidential fights through thousands of motions and taken hundreds of cases to jury trial. I have never been a prosecutor, and I would never consider being a prosecutor. I am a lifelong, dedicated defense attorney, and I know how to fight criminal charges.

Jury Trial Skills

In addition to the experience I have gained by taking cases to trial, I have received some of the best training available to criminal defense attorneys in the country. I have attended intensive weeks of training at The National Criminal Defense College (NCDC) in Macon, Georgia, completed the Trial Practice College at CDAM, and attended countless out-of-state seminars through the NCDD and NACDL.

Expert Witness: Datamaster

I have been qualified by several courts as an expert witness in the BAC Datamaster. I have attended advanced course work in the science of breath, blood, and urine testing. I have traveled across the country learning about toxicology testing methodologies and procedures. I have also gone to advanced training at NPAS for Datamaster training on the BAC Datamaster and the Datamaster DMT. I own two Datamaster breath testing devices and all current models of PBT devices in use in Michigan.

Freedom of Information Act

I have carved out a niche practice in FOIA litigation. With a solid background in civil litigation, I started filing FOIA lawsuits over a decade ago, representing my clients who sought public records to defend their criminal cases. After numerous cases, attorneys began hiring me to represent them on their FOIA cases. I have had victories on many FOIA lawsuits, including the seminal case of Amberg v City of Dearborn, 497 Mich. 28; 859 N.W.2d 674 (2014).

Asset Forfeiture & Car Seizures

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Asset Forfeiture Unit operates a unit known as the Vehicle Seizure Unit. The Vehicle Seizure Unit collects revenue for vehicles allegedly involved in the purchase of controlled substances, known as the PUSH-OFF program. Police agencies in Wayne County split proceeds with the prosecutor's office, seizing vehicles without little to no judicial oversight. I routinely fight these cases, along with the accompanying drug charges.

Expert Witness: SFSTs

I have been qualified by numerous courts as an expert witness in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. I completed the initial course work over a decade ago and use the knowledge I received from that class on every drunk driving case. I have subsequently attended advanced statistical courses and forensic classes that further explored the field sobriety test battery, and I have received certification as an instructor by a NHTSA Instructor of Instructors in the SFST battery.

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I really appreciate you taking the time to look over my website. I hope that you find some of the materials helpful. Realistically, however, I can provide you with more precise answers to any questions you may have regarding a criminal charge through a free, no-obligation consultation. I encourage you to take a few minutes to call me to discuss your case, and I will try to provide you with fast answers that clarify the law and your options.

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