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Wayne County Calendar Conference in the Third Judicial Circuit Court

A calendar conference is the first appearance before the trial judge assigned to a contested felony case in Wayne County. Whereas the preliminary examination occurs in the district court, and the arraignment on the information takes place before an arraigning judge in the Wayne County Circuit Court, a calendar conference does not occur unless or until the accused is unable to resolve the matter before the arraigning judge.  If the case cannot be resolved at the AOI, the case is subject to a blind draw.  The blind draw process is set forth in the Wayne County Circuit Court’s local court rules.  Local Court Rule 6.100 states:

(C) Method of Assignment, Reassignment; Adjournments. Cases shall be assigned by lot to a trial judge. If the trial judge is unavailable on the date set for trial, the case shall be reassigned to an available judge within the Criminal Division or, if no such judge is available, then to a judge available in the Civil Division. 

Following assignment to a trial court judge, the trial court judge assigned to the case will issue an order providing for a variety of dates, including a motion cutoff date, a settlement conference date, and potential trial dates. The judge might also issue a discovery order at this time. 

The accused is required to appear at the calendar conference. 

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